a day in shenzhen

By Sophie - July 27, 2017

Having lived in HK for so long, I never really thought about going to Shenzhen until recently. In the past, I've visited once or twice but in the last ten years it has truly transformed. The train ride is seamless, and it's like you've never left until you're immersed into the throngs of mainlanders.

My first stop was OCT loft, OCT standing for 'Overseas Chinese Town'. It's a westernized area of Shenzhen, with coffee shops, art galleries and boutiques in an old industrial complex. The two photos above are from '523 Coffee', which serves Blue Bottle coffee and lots of weird combinations, like the oreo coffee on the left and the avocado coffee on the right. 
 A record store in OCT loft
My next stop, and main reason for my visit, was to check out the TeamLab exhibition in OCT harbor, a temporary installation which every HK instagrammer seems to have visited. 
'Forest of Resonating Lamps'
 Glow in the dark exercise balls that changed color
'Flowers and People'
'Universe of Water Particles'
 'Crystal Universe'

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  1. These photos are so gorgeous and pretty!


  2. I love how your posts are always so colorful! Looks like you had so much fun!

  3. These pictures are so amazing!!! I want to go to HK so badly! That coffee looks amazing too omg.

  4. All these picture are so beautiful!

  5. I love all the color in these shots!! Beautiful 🖤

  6. These pictures are so cool! Looks like you had a blast!

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