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By Sophie - July 05, 2017

Recently, I received a 3 day beginner juice cleanse from NOSH detox. This was my first juice cleanse, and I loved it. I noticed clearer skin, weight loss and more energy through it. Everyday, I had four juices and a 'Lemon & Ginger Tonic' in the morning and a 'Nut Mylk' at night. The variation in the juices kept it interesting and refreshing. I'd definitely do another juice cleanse from NOSH detox!
This was the first day, I loved the second juice (the pink one), and this day was probably the easiest. 
The second day went along smoothly, although I couldn't finish the third juice. Throughout the day, whenever I struggled I knew I had the 'Nut Mylk' to look forward to at night.

The third day was the hardest, but I felt more energised. The first two were some of my favourites, but the last one was definitely my least favourite. 

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