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By Sophie - July 14, 2017

For me, Tokyo has always had a distinct pull to it, like an unwavering desire pulling me in time and time again. Tokyo is an array of neon lights drawing you in: to every mall, every building, every street. The people are pleasant and polite, unlike the majority of major hubs. The city feels fluid, from the winding roads to the flow of people.

One of my highlights of the trip was coming across a photographer in Ginza, who didn't speak a word of English, yet still managed to help me shoot a few pictures. The vibrant smile and large lens had encouraged me to approach him, and he didn't hesitate to show me the best photo spot and snap a couple photos, despite the language barrier. The kindness of him, and many other locals, is what makes Tokyo so unique for me.

Shibuya Crossing
The most crowded crossing in the world, full of people actually trying to go somewhere, tourists gaping at the amount of people and photographers. There are a couple high rises around, but getting photos there isn't that easy, so I'd recommend the Starbucks in the bookstore. 
Tokyu Plaza
A photo of a crossing in Ginza from a rooftop.

Having visited Tokyo many times, I skipped out the touristy sites and went straight for the food and shopping.The beauty of Tokyo is that there's so much to do everywhere, and looking for one shop can turn into exploring a small area crammed with shops and restaurants for a whole day.
Vending Machines
A while back I heard a stat: for every person 23 people in Tokyo, there's one vending machine. When I visited Tokyo again, every corner of every street seemed to have one, filled with anything you could ever dream of.
The Avocado
When walking around Harajuku, I spotted this mega avocado. As a passionate avocado toast eater, I couldn't pass up the photo op.
Tokyo Plaza
One of the instagram must-dos in Tokyo.
Style Nanda
 Takeshita Street is full of food, stores and people. From cat cafes to rainbow cotton candy, you can find it all here. Inside the StyleNanda (a Korean brand), I found this cute corner.
Ginza Six
Ginza Six is quite a new department store, filled with every shop you could ever want to visit. These are the Yayoi Kusama decorations in the center.
Dover Street Market Ginza
The DSM in Ginza's stock is so indicative of Japanese trends, with so many unique designers on display.
Coffee Shops 
Coffee shops are a must do in every city I visit, and Tokyo was no exception. I visited a few, which I have a separate blog post about, which you can find here.

I crave this ice cream all the time now, it's 25% cream and the cone is truly one of a kind.
Zakuzaku Croquant Chou
The ice cream here was amazing, one of the best I've had but the cone wasn't nearly as good as Cremia's.
Anywhere Door
Lots of sugar but worth allllllll the calories.
Dominique Ansel Bakery
The Dominique Ansel in Tokyo has now closed, but it got all the instagrammable desserts before they rolled them out in NY and London.

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  1. Looks lovely.

  2. Would love to visit one day!!

  3. I have never been to Tokyo, or anywhere in Asia for that matter. Dying to plan a trip there :) Wonderful post!

  4. Cool post Sophie! I particularly like the avocado photo and the pink picture :) I've not been to Tokyo yet, but really want to go, will keep Harajuku in mind as it looks great.

  5. Wow Tokyo seems like an awesome place to visit! I love all of your ice cream pictures, yum! ��

  6. Tokyo seems so neat! I love that they have vending machines everywhere haha!

  7. I love Tokyo and seeing your adventures!