By Sophie - August 11, 2017

View from the Four Seasons Shanghai
The vibrancy of the city strikes you no matter which district you're in. Straight from the plane, I headed to the M50 art district. The photo above is from a coffee shop called 'Undefined' with an interesting interior design.
Afterwards, I passed a coffee shop called 'Mellower Coffee' which had cotton candy over an americano. It's supposed to resemble a cloud, and it "rains" as the coffee melts the cotton candy and it drips into the coffee as sugar.

Despite the smoggy day, I made a trip to the highest observation deck in the world, in the Shanghai Tower. In a few of my previous trips to Shanghai, I saw the building being built, getting higher and higher, until it's finally been finished and it feels like I've grown with it.

For dinner, this was my view from the 'Vue Bar' in the Hyatt. It overlooked all of Pudong and the Bund, one of the best views in the city.

The next day started with coffee, as usual. I went here for the aesthetic, a Gucci cafe can't be missed after all.

My next destination was the SOHO building which has some of Shanghai's most photogenic spots.

Obviously, I had to stop for another coffee so I decided to check out 'Seesaw Coffee'. They have two locations but this one had a better interior. This was one of my favorite coffee shops in Shanghai, definitely worth checking out.
I ended up on the Bund, looking out at Pudong. One of my favorite skylines in the world.

On the last morning, I stopped by two more coffee shops. This was at Doe Coffee, inside a Hypebeast kind of store.

My final stop in Shanghai was 'Xin Coffee', probably the most photographed coffee shop. 

Shanghai is an intense city, packed with infinite things to do and no amount of time there will ever sate your desire for it.

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  1. I like that your trip highlights great coffee shops! I would do the same. That Americano was AMAZING!

  2. Loving these highlights! Such great photos and looks like you had a great time hun :)


  3. These pics are amazing! Looks like you had an amazing time!