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By Sophie - August 18, 2017

The coffee scene in Tokyo has been brewing for a few years, and this was my first time checking it out. I only had a few days in Tokyo, but I did manage to hit seven of the many coffee shops that I wanted to check out. I even stopped by Fuglen coffee (it's a bit out of the way) to find out that it was closed, which was rather disappointment. This is not a definitive list of what coffee is good in Tokyo, as I visited so few, but it's a start.
Mojo Coffee
This is a chain of coffee shops and I visited the Harajuku one. The cups and the design of the place are both very cute, and there's a sign directing you to the shop from the main street.  The coffee is pretty good, nothing outstanding. I wouldn't go out of my way for this, but it is worth a visit if you pass by.

Koffee Mameya
This was by far the best coffee shop I visited in Tokyo. If you're from Hong Kong, you've probably heard of 'Omotesando Koffee' which was actually the original store. The two baristas were really friendly and spoke great English. They have beans from all over, you can choose how strong you want your coffee, then choose which origin and roaster your coffee comes from and finally the brewing method. The shop is easy to miss and very small. It's in a lane that seems residential but the zen-like garden in front draws in locals and tourists to see what the store is. This place is definitely worth going to, I can't wait to go back next time I'm in Tokyo.

Cafe Kitsuné
Cafe Kitsune is Maison Kitsuné's coffee shop. Pretty good coffee and great space.

In Ginza, there are lots of cafes in designer flagship stores like Hermes, Gucci and Armani. Situated on the 10th floor of Ginza Tower, the Armani restaurant has a view of the Gucci building, the street below and not much else. I was taking a shopping break and wanted somewhere nice to sit, so I came here. It's more of an afternoon tea or drinks kinda place, but Italians do make the best cappuccinos.

Nissan Crossing
The Nissan store has a hidden cafe on the second floor. The baristas are extremely picky on what photos they'll print onto your coffee (must be a close-up, plain background, lots of contrast, etc.) even though just about any photo would print fine. The one photo in my camera roll that they approved of was a shot from Paul Smith in LA, and it didn't even print that well. There are iPads and chargers at the bar looking over the crossing, perfect if you've been out all day and want to capture that final insta op but need some battery. It was the cheapest coffee I had in Tokyo, and I was tempted to get a few just to print some other photos. Coffee printers are the future.

Streamer Coffee Company
This is a chain of coffee shops, I went to the one in Shibuya. A solid iced coffee stop.

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee
Nozy Coffee is a separate coffee shop, this one is on a shopping street and has a roastery in back (as you can guess by the name). I'd definitely check this one out instead of the main store. Apparently ice cream is one of their specialties, but I went for a cold brew and cronut. The interior was dark but well laid out and the staff were some of the nicest that I encountered in Tokyo. 

I'd rank the coffee shops like this (taking into account coffee, location, space, etc):
1. Koffee Mameya
2. The Roastery by Nozy Coffee
3. Nissan Crossing
4. Streamer Coffee Company
5. Cafe Kitsune
6. Mojo Coffee
7. Armani

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  1. These coffee shops are so cute! I love coffee so much and I love to see cute places all over the world.

  2. These are all so cute!! The perfect coffee shop vibes!

  3. Um all I want to do is go on a coffee tasting adventure! Who needs sleep right?

  4. Take me to Tokyo! These all look amazing.

  5. Thats a lot of coffee! ...the printing things sounds fascinating! never heard of that before!