cinque terre

By Sophie - September 04, 2017

I ended my summer this year in Italy and Spain, enjoying the end of the European sunshine and warmth. These ten days began in Cinque Terre, five small towns on the Italian coast that have recently become a huge tourist attraction.
We took a small detour to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
 We stayed in the small town of Portovenere, only accessible by boat or taxi, no trains. It was less crowded than the main towns by far, and had a great atmosphere, with two streets filled with small shops and restaurants. There are a few things to see too, the Grotto of Lord Byron, a castle, etc.
Our first stop in the CT towns was Monterosso, the one furthest north. It has the only real beach and the town is separated into two, with more accommodation than the other towns. 
Next, we headed to Vernazza, my favorite of the towns. The boat rides in the morning were very pleasant but after midday, they were packed and impossible to get onto. Vernazza has scenic hikes both ways, a hidden and 'blocked off' beach and the most lively and interesting town. I hiked a bit each way, to see the town from above which is definitely worth it. 
 The town of Manarola was nice, but after Vernazza, I found it a bit boring. The viewpoints were packed with people, as well as the cliffs where people were jumping from. 
This was my least favorite by far, the town had one street and was overcrowded with tourists, but it is probably the most photographed one (especially the red house!)

Staying in Portovenere, not in one of the towns, made all the difference for me as I avoided the trains and lugging luggage up stairs and slopes. The ferry system was great, especially in the morning before the crowds attacked.

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  1. how beautiful!!! so glad you enjoyed your time away <3

    oh, she’s lovely

  2. This has been on my list of places to look forever, it looks like a dream! Hope you had the best time :)

  3. This looks like such a beyond gorgeous place to travel! I love all of your photos.

  4. These pictures are so beautiful!

  5. Literally wish I could insert myself into your blog post -- it's my dream to go to all of these places. Thanks for sharing your experience, you've got me wanderlusting.

  6. It all looks so beautiful! I would love to visit some of those spots someday!

  7. Wow! beautiful pics! looks like an incredible vacation, makes me want to go!

  8. Beautiful photography! I'm most definitely adding this too my list of vacay spots.

  9. These pics are all so beautiful! You're making me want to travel so badly right now lol