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By Sophie - September 20, 2017

As summer draws to an end, the bloggers, models and photographers begin to flock to NYC for fashion week. After that, it's straight to London for round 2. Amongst the crowds of trendy fashionistas, clicking cameras and frantic organizers, I attended LFW. It's usually the least important fashion week, but this year some of the biggest names flew out for the Tommy Hilfiger show. I got to see some of my favorite bloggers and meet many new ones. With ten events in two days, I ran from show to show, in heels, which is not an easy feat.
I attended my first show, Rocky Star. It was a beautiful collection, full of delicate and elegant pieces. From there, we rushed to the Jiri Kalfar exhibition and party, at L'Escargot in Soho before rushing to the Sabinna party at the OXO Tower, with a great view over the Thames.
The next day, I woke up at a time way too early for a Sunday morning, grabbed a flat white and headed to the Edeline Lee presentation. Full of cameras and gorgeous pieces and models, the presentation was captivating. After, we got to shop around some of the collections that had been presented at LFW already and were ready to be bought. I got to see lots of clothes that I had seen in runway photos, from shows that I couldn't attend due to timings. 
The Theo VII show was full of interesting basics, with prints and combinations that worked so well. I got to sit front row here, which gave me an insight into why it's so desirable; it's because your photos are always unobstructed and it's all right in your face, an overwhelming feeling but it immerses you into the show. 

After a quick lunch, I was back at it, at the Nicola Brindle presentation which was one of the highlights for me. The room was lit neon pink and the models came out dancing. I didn't stay for the after party because I went off to the FJU Talents show which was four Taiwanese designers with truly unique collections, then the N&S Gaia show and lastly the Hallie Sara show. 

Waiting to go into my last show, it was cold and the show had been scheduled to start ten minutes prior so the temptation of the ramen place across the street lured me into skipping my last show. No regrets because hot food, especially gyoza and ramen, always wins.

Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: IT
Bag: Saint Laurent
Jacket: Opening Ceremony
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

 photos by @makaloves

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  1. Amazing! I dream of attending shows at LFW! I am also loving your outfit especially the boots! Love, - xo

  2. Love this look and I hope to attend some shows at NYFW next year!

  3. Loving your look especially the bomber jacket.

    Hope you had fun at fashion week!

    The Girl! x

  4. This sounds like fun! I've never attended Fashion Week, so I imagine it must be a one of a kind incredible experience! Love your outfit btw! <3

  5. I'm loving this look! The white skirt and denim jacket is so cute! Hope you had a wonderful time at fashion week!

  6. Cute outfit- LFW must have been such a dreamy place to be with all the bloggers and the amazing clothes and all the rush! So much inspo!


  7. So jealous! Life goal is to go to fashion week!