By Sophie - December 31, 2017

I made this blog halfway through 2017, but I haven't put across the content I've wanted to. So far, it's mainly been about my travels and a recap, with more photos rather than words. In 2018, I want to use this blog to put across content that I can't do on my instagram and I've got tons of posts lined up for the new year.

Before I get into all that, here's a quick recap of my year with the highlights, mainly instas, from each month.

in Hong Kong & London & Nice & Monaco

In terms of Instagram milestones, the new year brought me my first collaborations, which consisted of several cafes in London. From there on, I began to see the potential of my instagram and created relationships with brands. I made a weekend trip to the south of France, Monaco and went to Italy (for the first time) for a quick lunch. Around then, I hit 3k followers. 

Grams of the Month
 Both of these are from Bali, I went in Dec 2016 and had an excess of photos which I spent lots of Jan posting. The one above was my first to hit 500 likes!

in London & Hong Kong

In February, I returned to HK for a week, where I went to tons of insta spots, worked with brands and focused on my content. I created some of my favorite grams that week (too many to show here) at HK's insta hotspots and places I discovered on my own. From rooftops to abandoned schools to Instagram Pier, I did it all. I also hit 4k followers.

Grams of the Month
Instagram Pier above; abandoned school below

in London & Hong Kong

Although it's not evident on my feed, one of my March highlights was Art Basel. Straight off the plane into HK, I headed for Art Basel, and Art Central the next day. 

Grams of the Month
London tourist shot above; Dover Street Market below

in Hong Kong & London

April is when Hong Kong starts to warm up, and I spent the first week hiking. From the Peak to Sai Kung to Jardine's Lookout, I took advantage of the perfect weather. 

Grams of the Month
 Rooftop of an abandoned house above; Sai Kung below

in London & Hong Kong & Shanghai

In the last few days of May, I headed to Shanghai. It's one of my favorite cities and this was my first time in the last couple of years. I used to go all the time, but I spend so little time in HK now that it's hard to find the right time to go, especially since the winter is too cold for me there. I visited the M50 art district, coffee shops, the Shanghai Tower and more. It was a short but sweet trip.

Grams of the Month

 Coffee shop in SH above; Lights of Soho (now closed) in London below

in Shanghai & Hong Kong & London

June in London is the first taste of summer. It's still cold for my standards, but for England, it's pretty warm. It's my favorite time to be in London, warm enough to be outside but not warm enough to not feel like London. I also did my first interview, you can find it here.

Grams of the Month
 SOHO in SH above; Regent St in London below

in London & Hong Kong & Tokyo & Shenzhen

I went to Tokyo in July, another city I love but haven't gotten around to going to in the last few years. I've probably been to Tokyo more than any other place (apart from London and HK). I went to Shenzhen for the day for the TeamLab exhibit, another place I haven't been to in years. In July, I actually got recognized in real life for the first time which was rather weird. I also started my blog (!!!) then. I did a guest post, you can find it here.

Grams of the Month
TeamLab in SZ above; HK below
in Hong Kong & Cinque Terre & Rome & Puglia & Barcelona & London

Having been stuck at 4k for months, I finally hit 5k just in time for my Eurotrip. Although I spend so much time in London, I never really go to Europe, I just go back to HK. This time, I went to a couple of places in Italy and Spain before heading back to London. Europe is the best in the summer, and I thoroughly enjoyed this trip, it was my highlight of the year.

 Grams of the Month

 Portovenere above; hiking in HK below

in London

September was a calm month, my first month of the year where I stayed in one place. I got the honor of attending TEN events at London Fashion Week and meeting other bloggers.

Grams of the Month
 I had so many posts from my Eurosummer that I chose 3 grams
 Top is Matera; middle is Alberobello and below is LFW

in London & Hong Kong

In October, I went to Frieze Art Fair in London, which was honestly quite disappointing. I hit 6k followers on my account and decided to venture into something new. I started curating for a series of food accounts, I love being able to build up a new profile and displaying other people's content to a wider audience.

Grams of the Month
Frieze above; Cinque Terre below

in London

This was my second month in one place, settling into the British winter. I hit 7k followers and I joined 'No Path Travelers' as a guest blogger, writing travel articles about my experiences weekly.

Grams of the Month
 Bali, my most liked pic, above; LA below

in London & Hong Kong

 In my last week in London, there was the most snow that there's been for years. I couldn't be happier to leave and head back to warmer weather. I hit my end of year goal of 7.5k, and I'm spending my last few days in HK.

Grams of the Month

 Koh Samui above; London below

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