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By Sophie - January 20, 2018

My first vacation of the new year was to Koh Samui. The weather there is always warm, and it's hard to resist a break from the cold, having been in the UK for two months. Here's a selection of photos from my stay:

With the giant 'W's everywhere, it's hard to forget where you are. I'd seen the photogenic lobby (first photo) countless times on my instagram feed, inspiring me to go check it out for myself. I love the design of the hotel, from its drinks (which you order from their instagram feed which serves as their menu), to the views. At every corner, you'll find people snapping away and doing impromptu photo shoots.


The Conrad is quite far from everything, but great if you just plan on staying in the hotel. They make up for the lack of beach (the island's beaches are quite rocky and small) with a fake beach and 'islands' in the shallow water. I really liked the public areas but the rooms not so much.

Four Seasons

Another resort that's relatively far from everything, is the Four Seasons. The beach here is a rare find, with fine sand and clear water. Despite the moody weather we encountered, it was amazing. Although it's my favorite hotel in KS, I don't think it can compare to other resorts in SEA because the physical property just isn't as nice. Service is easily a 10/10.

Fisherman's Village

A popular tourist attraction in Samui, the Fisherman's Village, lies on Bophut Beach with a weekly market, a variety of Thai and western restaurants and shops. It's completely for tourists, despite the deceptive name. It was completely different to what I expected, in the best way possible. It's a great place to try local food, do water sports and shop a bit, but the beach is quite rocky and not ideal for lounging around.

The Library/Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is a long stretch of fine white sand full of tourists and hotels. We entered by the main road, via the mall, and came across the entrance to The Library (a hotel). Famed for its red pool (second photo), we stopped by to take a look and for a quick lunch. From there, we exited to Chaweng Beach which seems like it never ends, packed with people as far as the eye can see.

Anantara Bophut

The Anantara is connected to Fisherman's Village, on Bophut Beach. Great sunset views and good food although the beach isn't great.

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  1. Wow the place looks beautiful and the food looks tasty! Sounds like a fun and relaxing vacation!

  2. this looks like an amazing trip!! love your photos!

  3. Looks so fun!! These tropical places are making me so nostalgic for Florida :(

  4. Your pictures are making me want to go to Thailand so badly! Looks like you had a great time and found some great spots to check out!

  5. Very nice places and the food looks really good!