Amazon Prime Day

By Sophie - July 13, 2018

Looking at all those Prime Day deals
Spend your weekend scouring Amazon for the best prime deals, or do it right here, right now. Monday, July 16 is Prime Day and it's the prime time to go on a shopping spree. 36 hours of irresistible offers and a fantastic excuse to buy things just for the sake of buying it.

Sidenote: the photos here have absolutely no relation to the post. They're a random set of photos from the Andreas Gursky exhibit that was at the Hayward Gallery from a couple months ago. I didn't have anything to match this content, I don't really take photos of me buying useless things on Amazon at 1am just because I'm bored. But maybe next time. So please enjoy these photos of me looking at some art and looking strangely tall.
An inaccurate representation of how tall I am

Find the best deals pre Prime Day - Amazon products like below

The most expensive photo ever sold. Very appropriate to accompany some of the cheapest deals you'll ever find.

Get Music Unlimited or Kindle Unlimited for $0.99 for 3 months. It's a great deal if you've used up the Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube Music equivalents (which I am guilty of).

Me trying to make sense of all the deals

Thinking about buying new books? Check out my Current Reads list.

I match the art in this pic, so I added it. Can't really think of how it relates to anything here though.

If you don't want to commit to buying anything, just replenish your coffee stash. Can't go wrong with excess caffeine.

The coffee mentioned above is for home. So here's a pic of me in front of a house. Fitting.

Disclaimer: these are all affiliate links and may not actually go on sale on Prime Day.

If you hear about good deals, comment them and I'll add them here. But right now, you can countdown to Prime Day and get a head start on that shopping, right here.

If you want to see my page head here.
This is the end of the post. So here's a pic of me speed walking across a bridge. Away from this blog and back to Amazon to go shop. Prime Day deals don't wait for anyone.


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