NYE in Taipei

By Sophie - February 21, 2019

When booking this trip, the only criteria I had in mind was "where will there not be a NYE premium?" Taipei seemed like a good choice, a simple city getaway but turns out it has the world's second best NYE firework display - after Hong Kong - but we decided to go anyways and it didn't disappoint. Although I can't say the same for the rest of Taipei.
Taipei is famous for its beef noodles, but after a few bowls, any other food is welcome (there are intentionally no pics of the noodles because I overloaded on them and will probably never crave them again). So we headed for the original Din Tai Fung instead.
Yes, those are CHOCOLATE xiao long bao. There was a 1 hour + queue here but I can't say it was any better than the HK branches.
Taipei is supposed to have a good coffee scene but everything was closed on new year's day, still made for a good backdrop though. The streets were littered with massage parlors and dentists (once you notice them, you can't stop noticing them) but they aren't the most tourist friendly.
Famed for its tea, we stopped by some of the famous shops on Yong Kang street, but you just become overwhelmed with options.
In the end, we moved our flight up because as fun as it is to sit in a hotel room after you've overeaten, I'd just rather be home.

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