Taste of Tokyo

By Sophie - February 21, 2019

Came for the sandwich, stayed for the steak. Shima has been on my list for the longest time, so it was my first reservation when I booked a trip to Tokyo. 

The steak at Shima was the most heavenly piece of beef that I have ever tasted. The perfect cut, marination and rareness. This sandwich was what had drawn me in though, so my eyes hungrily watched them prepare it while I was savoring the taste of my steak. I wish I could say that it lived up to my expectations, but I didn't even end up finishing this $90 sandwich. 

First of all, it was too thick to eat properly. Second, the meat was nowhere near as good as the steak was, and was made up of all the bits they had cut off. It was truly a tragic moment of realization when I began to devour the sandwich (in the airport lounge) and it was nothing special but I would most definitely return for that steak.
Only in Harajuku - 30cm tall ice cream cone
A selection of the omakase at Kyubey
The classic Harajuku shot
Sunset from the Palace Hotel
A rather sparse Shibuya crossing
My favorite coffee shop in Tokyo (the original of Omotesando Koffee)

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